Yunesit'in Health Centre
Hanceville, B.C

Cheam First Nation Multi-Purpose Building

Lytton Health Centre
Lytton, B.C

Katzie Health and Community Centre
Pitt Meadows, B.C

Construction of a 15,565 square foot wood frame First Nations Health and Community Centre with Head Start, Treatment, Examination, Traditional Healing and Community Health rooms. Also cultural display area, kitchen facilities, offices and sports gym.

Stolo Daycare
Chilliwack, B.C

Luma Native Housing Society
Vancouver, B.C

Stolo Resource Centre
Chilliwack, B.C

Stolo Health Centre
Chilliwack, B.C

Stolo Government House
Chilliwack, B.C

Tl'etinqox-t'in Health Centre
Alexis Creek, B.C

Stolo Elders Lodge
Chilliwack, B.C

Kwadacha Health Centre
Fort Ware, B.C

Chawathil Daycare
Hope, B.C